“[CarlosDouh]…the Internet’s most entertaining Cantonese language teacher.”10 things Hong Kong does better than anywhere else, CNN 2014

Carlos Vidal is known all over the internet as “CarlosDouh” for his funny antics in teaching the Cantonese language to viewers. Although his Cantonese isn’t perfect, he loves to make other people laugh and loves to inspire others to learn a second language. Since his most popular videos “CHOK樣” and “PRINCESS SICKNESS” have gone viral, his total videos on YouTube are now over 6 MILLION and he has over 65,000 SUBSCRIBERS.

Despite being a busy university student, he started making videos in the fall of 2010. He has been featured in Hong Kong’s “YES” and “FACE” magazines, promoted the local culture and sights for the Hong Kong Tourism Board, as well as been interviewed both in English and Cantonese for TVB’s Dolce Vita programme.

After graduating from university he spent a few years living in Hong Kong, blending in with the locals and surprising them with his language skills. These days, Carlos lives with his wife and daughter in Canada.